Blockchain gateway

Most of blockchain users are still to come. Sirius is creating technology to bring blockchain to the mainstream, by radically simplifying onboarding.

Value Proposition

  • Legal

    Complete Legal Framework

    Sirius is building a solution that is 100% compliant with EU and US regulations and is part of the broader financial system, while funds are stored in a fully distributed manner.

  • transfer

    Instant Fiat-Crypto gateway

    Directly from your Bank Account or credit card to your blockchain wallet. Secure against crypto volatility. No unnecessary steps.

  • wallet

    Secure and usable wallet

    Your funds are stored directly on your wallet. Highly secure while easy to authenticate and recover.

  • blockchain

    Unleash blockchain potential with Universal Login

    Your wallet can be used to log in and interact directly with plenty of Ethereum applications.

How it works

  • Instant onboarding

    With Universal Login you can start using any compatible crypto application with just click of a button.

  • Stable tokens

    Transferred fiat is automatically converted to stable tokens so that your funds are secured against volatility.

  • Friendly cryptowallet

    At any point in time, you are in charge of your funds, that are stored on your wallet, which is secure from theft or loss.

About Sirius Network

Thanks to Sirius Network users will be able to move between blockchain applications in a manner in which they’ve become accustomed to with the Web 2.0 model, with Sirius doing the work behind the scenes. For the first time, mainstream users have a platform that brings crypto and blockchain to a level at which they can easily understand and use.


  • Markus Andersson photo

    Markus Andersson

    Fintech financier with a peculiar interest in consensus mechanisms and blockchain related payment systems. CEO of Global Blockchain Ltd (U.K) and board member of Global Stablecoin Association.

  • Timothy Hannum photo

    Timothy Hannum

    Business English Instructor and Educator with a special focus on corporate strategy, business development, and marketing. CO-Founder, and COO at AH FinTech Group.

  • Marek Kirejczyk photo

    Marek Kirejczyk

    Advisor to Sirius. Blockchain Engineer, founder of Ethworks, architect, and maintainer of UniversalLogin technology underlaying Sirius.